Caja del Rio Endurance Ride 2024

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This page is for those who participated in the Pioneer Endurance Ride on Friday and Saturday (May 24-25). I did not shoot on Sunday.

The gallery is now live!

Note that gallery images show a watermark – this will NOT show up in digital or print products! It’s merely for display online.

Want Something A Little Different?

Because there are so many images and everyone has different tastes, I process photos to produce good quality prints that show off the subject more than the background. I also did not spend time with more advanced procedures such as removing distractions or compositing (blending multiple images to create a single “best” image). These processes take time and my goal is to get photos in front of you while the event is still fresh in your mind.

If you would like to talk about changes, special looks, or even creating some beautiful new art, please get in touch! I love digital processing, especially creating surreal effects and simulated painting. For an additional fee, it would be an absolute thrill for me to give you a new piece of fine art based on your experience in the Caja!

Questions? Please use the Contact link at the top of the page! To be notified of changes to the gallery, use the subscription form below. Since I don’t ever want to spam anyone, all addresses will be purged after 60 days.


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