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I’m not sure if this is exactly how I will be using the templates, since I don’t think this is exactly the easiest way to write blog posts. The problem is that this feels really constrained, and I like to write in a more flowing way… the shape isn’t a problem, but writing to one side of the interface and having the text delayed before it shows up is kind of a bummer.

However, I do get to style the text as I go, even though the actual editor region is very small. Speaking of styling, I’m just randomly adding style to words so I have a sense of what everything looks like. Sometimes I like to make careful style choices to my text to adjust impact and intent.

This is the start of the third paragraph, and I have to wonder if the column will flow properly. I don’t have an image ready to go, yet, so things may get a little weird with layout and flow. *UPDATE* well, the text column did stretch, but I placed a stock image that was quite a bit larger than I had expected, and that also expanded the section height. I guess that’s OK, as I can scale the image a bit, or choose something different.

One neat thing about this layout is that I can drag the image frame directly in the interface, which I just did. That will allow me to more accurately place paragraph breaks as I’m writing!


Amusingly, the only image on this page that is actually mine is the one under the scrolling area below the three MorgueFile images. I also note that I should be very careful about aspect ratio so all images in a series appear the same. The bubble picture on the lower right is kinda whack.

In this section, I’ve also opted to use three columns. The one on the right is blank, but takes up 14% of the content width. The column on the left has the same space, but it’s used for the Categories widget, showing what categories are assigned to this page.

Since the publishing options for this engine are a bit different than what I’m used to, I’ll have to get into the habit of doing the SEO and hierarchy stuff individually.

Ok, I’m getting used to how this works. It’s a little laggy, but I think I can deal with the oddities. The layout is really nice, and I can move things as I need to without creating a whole new template.

I’ll have to give this one some time to remember the details, but the results are cool, and it renders very smoothly.

I’m going to end with some lorem ipsum to fill out the page.

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