B and W Control Freak

B and W Control Freak

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Do you want the ultimate control over your black and white conversions? Then you need precise tools that give you command over color. My newest Adobe Photoshop Preset – B&W Control Freak – lets you carve up the RGB spectrum like a surgeon.

Download the Guide here: B&W Control Freak – Scoxel

Get the Adjustment Preset here: B&W Control Freak – SCOXEL.psap

I’m working on a full lesson and some example files for this page, so bookmark it and check back (or jump on my contact or feedback form to get signed up for notice when everything is live).

Please do not redistribute this guide or preset file! Direct folks here or to the official Community forum. This helps me understand how many people are using this preset and what I may need to do for future updates.


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