Cubism Portraits with Liquify

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Cubism Portraits with Liquify

I admit it. Sometimes I get inspired by someone’s work and want to emulate it just because it’s so very awesome. Aditya Aryanto provided June’s inspiration by creating some amazing Minecraft-like creatures. This technique turns out to be simple to explain (use the Liquify tool!) but very difficult to teach in text form.

There is a lot of subtlety and artistry involved, and I struggled a bit with balancing the descriptions to both enable beginners and guide more advanced users. In the end, the artist really needs to feel their way around the subject and tool.

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In my Photoshop Proving Ground column I show you some tricks to help guide your choices, and point out some ways to get the tricky Liquify tool to behave a little more consistently. This is a really fun technique and it’s not limited to cubism! Give it a try and see if you can expand the effect with your own vision.

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