Win a copy of Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Photographers!

So, I sat down to review my notes for Martin Evening’s latest addition to Photoshop for Photographers, and decided to check out the other reviews on Amazon. As of this writing, there are more than 60, some quite thorough. I couldn’t really find much that hadn’t been touched on, so rather than recap here what you can read there, I’ll just give you my overall impression of the book.

You’ll have to suffer through my article to find out how to get yourself a copy 🙂

Alien Skin breaks out in noise

Photoshop plugin house of legend, Alien Skin, has released version 2 of their popular Exposure package. Exposure 2 is a film simulator that appears to give very good results, and allows you to simulate popular grain textures from a more than 300 presets. has the skinny. Other packages worth checking out are Blow Up…

TwistingPixels plugins for Photoshop

Last year, I tried out some Photoshop plugins from TwisingPixels. My 7-yr-old PC had a tough time with some of the rendering, but I really liked the effects, though I didn’t spend enough time with the package to really get a grip on flexibility. They have a free package you can download, called PixelSampler. The…