New Blog Things!

Now with 5% more things! Ok, don’t hold me to that; I just needed a number. What I really want to share is that I will be taking time to revamp this blog over the next few weeks. The first phase will be to add new features and resources – something I’ve always appreciated in other blogs and websites. In addition to building up the sample files from my books and DVD, I’ll throw some other Photoshop and photography goodness at you. Demo files, scripts, brushes, and so on – little bits here and there that I’d like to share.


Plugins/Widgets are an integral part of any WordPress site, and template sided integration of our popular addons is an important step on theme development. Therefore, as is tradition with our template releases, we have styled integration of many of our extensions such as RokTabs, RokNewsPager, RokAjaxSearch

More Photoshop 3D stuff – ElectricRain

ElectricRain has been one of my favorite 3D tools for web content (though I rarely have call to use it). Now, they’ve made things even easier with the introduction of Swift3D PS, a plugin for Photoshop CS4 Extended. Here’s why eRain says you need it: Create, bevel and extrude 3D text from any font in…

Alien Skin breaks out in noise

Photoshop plugin house of legend, Alien Skin, has released version 2 of their popular Exposure package. Exposure 2 is a film simulator that appears to give very good results, and allows you to simulate popular grain textures from a more than 300 presets. has the skinny. Other packages worth checking out are Blow Up…