Photoshop World 2011 Wrap & Thanks

#PSW was kind of a blur for me. Most of my time was spent on the Expo floor meeting with some fantastic people, including Adobe engineers and managers, fellow authors, editors, and my sponsors. Of course, I can’t forget the friendliest crew at the show, the Facebook Maniacs. This group was very welcoming, and represents an amazingly diverse set of talents. I’ll talk more about them in a future post, and I’ll be naming names – you’ll want to get to know them! But let me get back to the show, my thoughts, and what I heard from others.

Wacom Enhancements

Are you getting the most out of your Intuos Pro in Photoshop?

Shire Horse Painting

John Derry has been showing some amazing stuff using the new painting tools in Photoshop CS5. His efforts have inspired me to try my hand at painting again with a little different style. This time, I’m using the mixer brushes to simulate acrylic on canvas, something I wouldn’t even bother trying in real life 🙂…

Digital painting + composite work

Nice walk through of Phil McDarby’s work on "The Green Man Awakens" here. He doesn’t go through actual steps, but you can see the progress from one frame to the next. It’s also nice to see the idea evolve along with the actual composition, since most walk-throughs seem to be 100% visualized in advance. I…

Intuos4 Hits the Streets!

Wacom finally busts out with the Intuos4, which includes a new ring that can be assigned to canvas rotation, twice the pressure sensitivity of the Intuos3, and an illuminated display on the tablet that tells you how your express keys are assigned. It’s also reversible, so you can operate left- or right-handed based on how…