My two latest titles from Adobe Press are shipping now! If you’ve already picked up one or both, check out their support pages for more information, links, and a few exercise images to get you started.

Blend Modes

HPoBM Large Cover Image

Photoshop’s blend modes are mysterious to many, even those who use them daily. Learn how and why they work and become a Blend Mode Hero! Support Page

Adjustment Layers

Chance are you already use adjustment layers. Now you can unleash their full power and take charge over these essential tools. Support Page

Photoshop Proving Ground

I have a monthly column in Photoshop User magazine ( called Photoshop Proving ground. It’s a lot of fun to write because I get to dig deep into all kinds of tools. In the past year, I’ve covered Selective Color, the new Blur tools, Color Lookup Tables, and Frequency Separation. There’s a Facebook page to support it, so if you have questions or suggestions, drop me a note there!

Adjustments and Blends: Learn By Video

If you learn better by following along, then I have just the DVD for you! My first Learn By Video entry is the Hidden Power of Adobe Photoshop: Adjustments and Blends for Photographers. My books focus more on the tools and cover a range of disciplines. This DVD is meant specifically for photographers and includes material from both books, as well as extra content.

At the end, I show you a high-level overview of bringing many of these techniques together into one single project.

Check it out!