Tutorial Sample

I might use this feature to show tutorials or sample articles and describe the target audience. Alternatively, this might be how I host the book errata pages…

This tutorial requires you to know about:
  • Blend Modes

  • Adjustment Layers

  • Masking like a boss

What you will do in this tutorial:

Build up your painting skills as we work through some set of instructions that tells you how to build up your painting skills. In fact, you’ll be painting as soon as you select your brush and begin painting. You won’t be painting anything very interesting at first, probably just a bunch of smeary lines and scribble marks, but don’t let that stop you!

Pretty soon, you’ll be drawing your very own stick figures, possibly in many colors. You’ll also get familiar with the eraser tool, and Cmd+A , Delete, Cmd + D. And if I like you, I’ll teach you my super secret Undo technique.

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