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Rolling back to 2017

Yay! It’s been years since my site was last hacked, but apparently this was my lucky week. Unfortunately, due to some configuration glitches, I had to reach back to 2017 for a viable recovery file. Awesome. I guess that effectively means starting over, and maybe that’s not a bad thing. I’ve lost two years of…

Photoshop Workbench!

I’m very happy to finally announce that I’m starting a new column in Photoshop User Magazine ( Photoshop Workbench! Join me as I put Photoshop tools up on the workbench and tinker with their innards, figuring out how to use them and sometimes finding something new. Whenever possible, I’ll set up experiments that you can…

Adobe’s Creative Cloud update

You’ve probably heard all about Adobe’s Creative Cloud and the requisite scrutiny/praise/complaining from the various customer bases. I’ll spare you a recap and jump straight to the new stuff. Adobe has posted a half-way response to let you know they’re listening.