Tip – Masking Groups

When working with groups in Adobe Photoshop, don’t forget that you can apply a mask to the group itself. This is really handy for compositing where you might want to add several layers using the same mask. Of course, you can also duplicate a mask by holding Shift + Option (PC: Shift + Alt) and…


Andrey Drozdov

I’ve had this piece by Andrey Drozdov on my Pinterest board for about two years. I love how surprisingly human it is.

Guguta’s Tower – Darius

This week’s selection is an architectural concept piece by Darius on CGSociety. Dig the angles and implied details!

Photographs Don’t Belong In Galleries (whatever)

An art writer for The Guardian recently published an article that seems to elevate his own bias against a medium to what others should and should not do in the art world.

When articles like this come out, it makes me wonder if the writer is simply looking to stir things up and make a name. I see no compelling discussion, just a repeated statement of opinion. Opinions do matter in the art world, and we give weight to those that come from experience, education, or even just appear to be thoughtful.