Menu Structure

Fusion, the default, but most powerful, menu is the central navigation system of Reaction. Javascript and advanced styles make it a complex, efficient and functional dropdown system. Other options are available such as non-js version of Fusion and a Suckerfish only mode for Internet Explorer 6.

Modern Lego

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Photoshop Q&A

Someone recently suggested that I take questions and turn them into short YouTube video responses. I think this is a pretty cool idea, and would like to give it a shot. If you have Photoshop or photography related questions, send them to me. In a week or two, I’ll take a look at the responses…

Atmospheric effects with Photoshop

On last week’s RetouchPro Live session, I talked about adding atmospheric effects to photos in a realistic way. The key point I kept trying to drive home was of paying attention to the details in the image you’re manipulating. While this is probably a good rule-of-thumb for all photomanipulation, in atmospheric effects it has a deeper impact.