Something new for 2019!

As Photoshop Proving Ground rolls toward its sixth year in Photoshop User Magazine, it feels like a good time to spiffy it up a bit with a broader approach to mastering digital tools. I’ll be working with my editor, Chris, in the next couple of weeks to define a new vision and a new title.…


Art Share – Janusz Jurek

When Photoshop CC 2018 rolled out this year, we got to see a cool new splash screen featuring some beautiful photography by Elizaveta Porodina, and graphic treatment by Janusz Jurek. In this installment of Art Share, I am taking a look at Janusz’s meticulously detailed and highly textured illustration work. Jurek’s BÄ“hance Page: “Psie”…


Photoshop CC 2018 – The New Stuff!

Adobe’s official release for the new features in Photoshop CC 2018 are gathered here! There’s actually quite a bit, and several reviews give you some good details, opinions, and use cases for most of them. A fantastic, real-world resource is Julieanne Kost, who has some demos and videos showing off the cooler stuff.

Asking for Critiques

Here’s the deal… Growing as an artist means challenging yourself, which is sometimes very uncomfortable. But we’ve already done that to some extent just to get where we are, so it shouldn’t be anything new moving forward. And you know you have to put effort in to get reward out. The same goes when asking…


Level 2.5

If you haven’t got either of my Hidden Powers titles, you might be wondering what makes them different and worth your time. As luck would have it, I am in just the position to ‘splain it you. Never let your tools get in the way of your vision I write from the perspective of someone…