Happy Pi Day!

Well, having a physics degree, I just had to blog about Pi day and Einstein’s birthday. Since this purports to be a Photoshop-centric blog, I should also include some graphic goodness, huh?

From 2006: Pi Mapped To Pixels

Typography for the web neophyte

David Anders at PhotoshopTechniques posted this link from a few days back. It has a nice, compact overview of getting started using type as a design tool online. Given the still-limited nature of typography in browsers, some of this may seem like it’s in the “well, duh” category, but it is good info none-the-less. For…

Now with added CMX!!

As of February, 2008, I have signed on as a partner/author with CommunityMX, contributing Photoshop and Digital Photography articles, with maybe the odd Illustrator, Flash or CMS tidbit thrown in for good measure. You can check out a freebie on Photoshop masking here. Part II of the series is available for a small fee (free…

Brand new Blogger Install

I gutted the previous blog, since it was mostly a mind map, anyway. This is the new, Photoshop- and Design-centric version of this blog. Keep an eye here for announcements about new tutorials and articles I’ve written or have found. I’ll also post information about my upcoming book, co-authored with Dan Moughamian. While it’s unlikely…

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!