Virgle Pioneers Wanted!!

This is great! What else could you want from our generation than to see Mars colonized?

Apply Now!

be sure to check today’s date so you don’t miss the deadline. goofball – it’s April Fools’day 🙂


Once again, I’m ripping something from John Nack’s blog: a 3D alphabet book from Marion Bataille. Check out the page-flipping video here.

Looks pretty cool, and reminds me of the cut paper sculpture work done by Peter Callesen.

TwistingPixels plugins for Photoshop

Last year, I tried out some Photoshop plugins from TwisingPixels. My 7-yr-old PC had a tough time with some of the rendering, but I really liked the effects, though I didn’t spend enough time with the package to really get a grip on flexibility. They have a free package you can download, called PixelSampler. The…

Jonathan Penney: Print maker extraordinaire

Kevin Connery posted this gem at the forums. It’s called Creative Vision and the Printmaker. Great insight about the print making process from a perceptual standpoint; how the photographer’s vision is translated through the print. Another great one is here: Photoshop and your Creative Vision. Take some time and read all about ’em. LightningSymphony…