Photography Short Courses

Interested in getting into digital shooting? Tired of trolling around the web for information on the basics? Your search is over! Check out this site, put up by Dennis Curtin: I’ve browsed through the site and found it to be a very good introduction to photography in general, with some nice insights about digital…

Rules and Photography

So, there’s been this ongoing discussion at the Amazon photography forums about what constitutes a professional photographer, and that led into a discussion about the rules of photography. Rather than point you to the discussion in which I sink to my lowest vice, arguing on the internet, I thought I’d summarize my views on rules…

Big-ass lens review

The lens, not the review. Well, the review is of reasonable length. So.

Thanks to Mike Vickers for this link reviewing the Sigma 200-500 f/2.8.

Photography Blogs

David Anders on posted this useful link.

Diogenese redux

I thought this was kinda cool:

Dig the map at the bottom of the ‘help’ route. 🙂