ADIM 15 Conference Page
Texture is character, it tells a story of age, of distance through time.

Texture and tone are the backstory of your images. They can provide a sense of distance through time, imparting an ineffable weight of age. For those of us who cannot wait centuries, there are Blending Modes and Adjustment Layers in Photoshop. In my session, I will take you through a unique process of applying photographic textures and using themed tonal adjustments to build this distance and age into your backstory. The results will emulate the warm, soft colors and time-worn character seen in oil paintings from around the time of Shakespeare’s life.

Head over to my Behance profile to see some larger examples:

The Age of Fine Painting
Key Techniques
  1. Identifying key characteristics in reference materials – discovering what is telling the story and how

  2. Using Photoshop’s blending modes with both layers and painting tools

  3. Setting up the clone stamp for a more organic, natural texture painting method

  4. Stacking layers to build flexible lighting and texture effects

When the class happens, I’ll post resources here. Yes – there will be some awesome freebies, too!