DIY Lighting and Photography Resource

I love do-it-yourself sites, and strobist just turned me on to another one: Lighting Academy. There are several great ideas, and I have plans to try out a few this coming week. Here’s an example of the kinds of tricks they’ve got listed:

Upcoming webinars

I just talked to Doug Nelson of about presenting in June. Doug’s got quite a handle on presenting engaging topics from excellent speakers, so I’m quite honored to get a chance to participate. My first presentation will be on compositing 3D elements with 2D photographs. You can see some samples of this on my…

Andrea Blair Photography

Check out some great equestrian event photography from shooter Andrea Blair. [via] You can also sign up for an online course on equestrian photography basics with Carien Schipper. This course will cover camera gear, setting up poses for conformation based on breed, head shots, action shots, and more. At $169, it sounds like a great…

‘The truth about Flash’

So, Adobe has posted this link that responds to Steve Jobs’ letter about the decision to not support Flash on Apple’s mobile platform. When I wrote earlier on the topic in this blog, I avoided taking on the letter point-by-point because I just haven’t been on the Flash front for a long time. Adobe’s response says everything I wanted to. Instead, I opined that Jobs is just being Bill Gates, but in a black turtleneck.